Student Application


Web Submission: Complete the on-line course data entry form. Upon submission you will be sent an email acknowledgement to your best email address confirming that you have completed the basic application. This email will include a link that you can use to return to your application to submit the following Required Supporting Documentation (in .pdf format). If reference letters are required, an email will be sent to all your listed references asking that they submit a letter of reference in .pdf format supporting your application.

  • Enclose a copy of your curriculum vitae.
  • Enclose a copy of the laboratory PI biosketch (unless you are the PI).
  • Statement of Goals: Provide a statement of your reasons for wanting to take this course.
  • Please respond to these questions:
    1. What experience, if any, have you had with stem cell and/or regeneration research? If none, please describe your experience in general cell culture techniques, including the types of cells with which you have experience.
    2. Please describe your long term goals in stem cells and/or regeneration research, including basic science and/or clinical applications.
  • Evaluations: Applicants should request written evaluations from two individuals familiar with their academic and research background and goals. For students and postdoctoral fellows, one evaluation should be from the laboratory PI. For independent investigators, one evaluation should be from the department chair. Evaluations must be submitted by June 20, 2017.

Deadline: Completed application forms and required supporting documentation must be received by June 20, 2017.   You will be notified of the Admissions Committee's decision by mid July.

Financial Information: Tuition: TBD; Room & Board: TBD. Financial assistance is available for participants in this course, including non-U.S. citizens who hold proper visas. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need. Candidates wishing to be considered for assistance must complete and submit the Financial Aid Request Form included in this application. Scholarship requests are not a factor in admissions decisions.

Contact for information about admissions application procedures and processing. Further inquiries about the course and admission policies may be directed to the Course Coordinator